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The Hub and Spoke Supply Chain Model: Determinant of a Company’s Success

Supply chain management is an important aspect of a company’s business model due to its role in ensuring operational efficiency and cost effectiveness by managing inventory and streamlining distribution.
Stefanos Salas
The Bronx High School of Science

The Impact of Peer & Expert Influence on Museum Marketing for Young Adults

During periods of economic instability, museums often face significant reductions in public funding. To overcome these challenges, museums must actively appeal to the young adult sector of the consumer market.
Richard Paget
Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School

Factors impacting lung cancer screening and diagnosis in Asian-American immigrants

Many foreign-born Asian-Americans face language barriers and cultural pressures in receiving treatment, and may have additional behavioral risk factors for lung cancer that can be overlooked.
Helen Zhang
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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