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Exploratio Submission

The Exploratio Journal is the pre-eminent international journal for publishing high school academic research. Written entirely by high school students from around the world, and edited by high school students and advisors, Exploratio helps the brightest minds be discovered and their talents recognized by the international community.

Currently, Exploratio is accepting submissions for the Fall publication. Note, that while Exploratio editors carefully review each submission, they cannot be held responsible for the validity of research and claims written in the papers submitted. All responsibility for citation and scientific integrity rests with the submitter.

Submission Guidelines

– All submitted papers must be at least 2,000 words in length.
– Papers must have a clear abstract/introduction. 
– All diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and references must be attributed to the original author.
– Please present a bibliography of citations in APA or other desired format and avoid footnotes to ensure that the paper sources are correctly displayed online.